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Macky Burgess Photograpahy 

Macky(Mackenzie) Burgess Photography captures tasty and delightful foods such as sweets, snacks, appetizers and even main dishes. Unique angles and perspectives are used to capture the true and appealing detail and texture of food to help bring your taste buds alive.

Alongside food Macky Burgess Photography captures portraits of pets and humans, together or apart! Additionally captures of products and wildlife are brought to life through visual stills by Macky.


Macky Burgess Photography is dedicated to capturing sweet and savory foods! Additional services include pet portraits, human portraits, product, and wildlife/nature! Session and shoot pricing ranges by time, more additional info can be found bellow regarding each service estimate! Reach out to Macky via email for any questions or inquiries. 

Service Breakdown

-Digital jpeg files

-Contact sheets



-Set and design 

-Post Production enhancements

-Location Scouting(as needed)

-Prints(nature and wildlife only)

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