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About the Photographer

Macky Burgess photography is run by myself Macky(Mackenzie) Burgess. I have been interested in photography since I was young. I instantly became fascinated by the vast genres and styles of photography that were possible. After high school I decided to focus on receiving my bachelors in photography at Rocky Mountain college of art and design and that has been my goal these past four years.


During my time at RMCAD I learned about so many differing types of photography. After taking a lighting class I was exposed to studio photography. Studio photography allowed me to explore lighting patterns and set designs. Food photography in particular was something that I instantly felt connected with as I enjoyed capturing tasty treats and sharing those images with others. Being able to bring a viewers tastes buds alive feels so awarding as a food photographer and its something I strive to do through my photos! I enjoy being able to connect with viewers by using food as the main subject matter and point of appeal. Alongside food photography I also enjoy capturing portraits of humans and pets and even wildlife and nature shots.


Aside from my photography passions I am currently  located in Loveland Colorado and I work with dogs as a secondary job. I love spending time with animals and even capturing images of them. I also love spending time with my family and pets. 

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